Avoid Having Your Custom Cakes Melt in the Sun During Your Outdoor Wedding in Houston, TX

Guaranteeing a Melt Free Cake on Your Outdoor Wedding

Hot weather. It’s great for swimming, sunning, and frolicking outdoors. It’s high season for outdoor weddings and events. For the casual cake baker these hot days on outdoor weddings can be a real cake killer, from melting icing to melting sugar flowers, the heat can even make cake layers slide off. These can really bring down the design of a cake. While you can’t control the weather, there are some pieces of advice and precautions that can be taken into account when having custom wedding cakes in Houston, TX made.

2Watch Your Ingredients. Even in the best of conditions, some decorations and fillings are more susceptible to the heat than others. For this reason, many cake decorators will avoid certain ingredients in the hottest summer months. For instance, they may be more apt to use fruit or buttercream fillings as opposed to custard or Bavarian cream, which don’t fare well in heat and could make a cake soggy, or worse, spoil. The same goes for some kinds of icing, much more for those that would typically need to be refrigerated, like buttercream, cheesecakes or whipped cream icing. Types of ganache can also be fragile in the heat, too. In general, most decorators will favor fondant or buttercream for decorating cakes during these hot and humid summer months and will still make excellent custom wedding cakes from Houston, TX.

In case it’s buttercream, it’s advisable to adjust the recipe to stabilize the icing. This can be done in a few different ways. Some will substitute part of the butter with shortening, which doesn’t melt as rapidly and holds its shape a bit better.

Another trick is to add some type of starch to the icing before using it to decorate the cake. Adding cornstarch to the mix will make icing a bit sturdier, which will help it fare better in the heat.

There are other agents which stabilize, too. Powdered milk or melted marshmallows added to frosting and mixed thoroughly will add stability, as well as add some flavor to the icing. Yet another option is to add some meringue powder, gelatin, or instant pudding powder to your buttercream, which will also help stabilize it owing to gelatin and starch.

As a side note, it should be noted that many of these tricks will work to help stabilize whipped cream, too–but even so, proceed with extreme caution on hot days. Even when stabilized, whipped cream is very heat sensitive and would still require refrigeration until directly before serving.

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