What to Avoid When Buying Engagement Rings in Jacksonville FL?

Some Tricks and Scams That You Should Know So you’re ready to start shopping for engagements rings in Jacksonville FL. That’s great! It’s difficult to know when you’re buying the right kind of diamond at a fair price. How can you be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable diamond Read More

Are Platinum Engagement Rings in Fresno CA Worth The Price?

Classy Engagement Rings Looking through all the different varieties of engagement rings in Fresno CA, there is nothing more modern and elegant looking than the platinum engagement ring. The metal known as platinum are beautiful, durable, scratch and oxidation resistant (it ddoesn’trust), and hypoallergenic. This makes platinum one of the Read More

Other Metals for Custom Wedding Jewelry

Custom Wedding Jewelry Metals Jewelries are made from gold, silver and precious stones. However, there are still a lot of metals and stones that can be used aside from the traditional ones. One of the reasons why other brides choose to have a custom wedding jewelry is because they can Read More