Contemporary Designers in New York for Wedding Dress

Contemporary Designers of Wedding Dresses

New York is one of the birthplaces of fashion. If you are an aspiring designer, you will see a bright future by studying in the best fashion schools in New York. Because of the reputation and the training designers here have got, New York has become the center of high end fashion that fits the taste of the general crowd.


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Contemporary designers have flocked all around New York to utilize their talents. That is why nowadays, wedding dresses and bridal shops are owned and manned by contemporary designers. These contemporary designers are known around the world and if you are a bride looking for contemporary wedding dresses design made in New York, here is a list of them.


Vera Wang

Vera Wang will never be off the list. Her 2014 bridal collection is the best on the contemporary designs. She had made a futuristic feel on the fabric and cuts of her wedding dresses. Her designs are simple, unique and very detailed. Her wedding dresses have different shades of white which still retains the significance of purity in a wedding, but she adds a little twist. She has made the best headpieces that will accentuate the beauty of the brides. Since she changes her bridal collection from time to time, celebrities sought for her designs because of its fresh and peculiar look.

Monique Lhuillier

She is another goddess of the world of fashion in New York. Her designs for this year featured very intricate details with magnificent fabric styles. Her long tailed wedding dresses are the best to have on a wedding day. Since she is also fond of flower embroideries, she could easily put the elegance in the simplicity of the wedding gown made. Her contemporary style of incorporating the old and the new also enticed a lot of celebrities to avail her products.

Oscar de la Renta

The wedding dress collection of Oscar de la Renta has surely astounded a lot of dreaming brides out there. His designs are very unique and astonishing that made most of the celebrities crave for his designs. His cuts and curves in the wedding dress scheme is borne out of talent. A lot of critics admire him for his great creations each year that has impressed many. He also offers quinceanera dresses in NYC.

Considering the big names of these contemporary fashion designers in the New York wedding dresses, it will be not surprising to see very expensive gowns in bridal shops. Most brides, if they could not afford to have the best contemporary bridal gowns resort to having gown rentals with the same brands mentioned above. It is not easy to find their gowns on bargain, but it is also not impossible to have. At the end of the day, you can just relax in a zen tub after you have chosen the right designer’s dress for your wedding.

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