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Wedding Decor3Weddings is the most special day of a bride’s life. And with its advent, all you think about is the latest trends in the wedding market including wedding decor in Dallas TX. Choosing the right wedding decoration theme can be as intricate and mind-boggling as buying the perfect wedding dress. It involves a lot of research and effort to put all its aspects into one place. Be it lights, flowers, furnishings, drapes, everything should be in symmetry. So, here are some fantastic wedding decor in Dallas TX trends for you to make your wedding day more special and exquisite.

Flowers Beauty. Who doesn’t love flowers? It is beautiful and magical to have one in your wedding day. Fresh flowers is an inseparable part of an wedding. Whether you prefer chic, sophisticated wedding decor or a traditional fiesta, flowers can enhance the charm and beauty of the occasion. However, the choice of floral colours is most important here. For the winters, vibrant earthy tones are just perfect to perk up your senses. Whereas for a summer wedding, subtle shades of blue, pink and yellow, will add a cool exuberance. Make sure that you maintain a harmony in choosing the flowers for mandap, wedding area, and dining space.

Lighting Styles. This is important! One thing that adds life to a wedding decor is lights. Because of the advanced technology, these days you can experiment with different lighting varieties. It is important to strike a blissful harmony between lighting style and hues, to create a magical aura in your wedding. Some of the latest trends in wedding decor lights such as up-lighting, pin spotting, lanterns, LED mood bars, monogram projections add a chic and sophisticated look to the venue. Also, chandeliers add spark and a traditional twist to a wedding decor.

Colour Pattern Trends. If you have a budget constraint but want to create a mystical charm with unique wedding decor, play with colours. For summers and monsoons, create a look with drapes and furnishings in blue, pink, and citrus. For winters, experiment with bright, joyful colours like orange, red, and even a blend of subtle colours for a ravishing appeal.

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