Delectable Flavors of Fantastic Cakes by Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas.

Cake Suggestions on your Wedding Day

Wedding Cake76Choosing the flavor of the wedding cake for your big day should not be taken lightly. Cakes are oftentimes one of the most awaited part of the meal aside from a wedding tub party after.

So if you want to leave a good impression to your wedding guests, make sure to have in the tables the amazing wedding cakes made by Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas. Obviously, there are plenty of flavors that are available for a wedding cakes Houston. To help you narrow down your options, here is a list of flavors of wedding cakes that you’ll surely love.

Chocolate Cake. Perhaps the most loved of all the flavors, chocolate cakes are often served and enjoyed by guests. If you want to have a highly delectable chocolate cake, pick a “double-double,” which has chocolate filling and chocolate dough.

Yellow or White Cake. This is the traditional wedding cake flavor. If you want to make it extra special, add custard, raspberry or any flavor that you want as fillings.

Carrot Cake. Carrot cakes are perfect for a winter or fall wedding. But when you choose this kind of flavor, make sure that the cream cheese frosting should be cream in color and not pure white.

Marble Cake. Marble cakes is the answer if you want to please the palate of all your guests. Each cut of a marble cake can be a delicious and beautiful display on the table. If you want a more colorful cake, you alternate layers of chocolate and white cakes.

Fruit Cake. Fruit cakes are traditional wedding cakes in England. Most fruit cakes nowadays are not dense but the traditional ones are packed with dried fruits, nuts and brushed with brandy.

Fondant Cake. One of the most amazing Houston wedding cakes made by Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas, fondant cakes are rolled into thin sheets and put on cakes to have a smooth finish. These types of cakes are great base for decorations, which allow you to be more creative.


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