Different Rituals for Indian weddings in the US

Indian Wedding rituals in US

In the Indian Culture, weddings are a promising event. It is a joyful ceremony that enables two people to start their life together. There is much emphasis to happiness, harmony and growth. Hence, there are a lot of rituals that are being performed and followed in an Indian Wedding. Indian weddings in the US need the following rituals which they inherited from their former generations. These rituals are performed to give respect to their ancestors and to make their marriage holy.

indian weddingSangeet – A pre wedding ritual that includes food and music. The groom and bride get to enjoy the whole ceremony with friends and family members.
Mangni – A pre wedding ceremony wherein the groom and bride exchange rings in from of family members and friends.
Tilak – Pre wedding ceremony where in the kumkum or vermilion is placed on the groom’s forehead. This is to protect the life of the groom.
Baraat – The arrival of the groom with his family for the wedding. They are being welcomed by the family of the bride.
Jaimala – Exchanging of the garlands for the bride and groom. This means that the bride and groom are consent to willingly get married.
Madhupak – The groom is being welcomed to a decorated mandap or altar and the father of the bride provide the yogurt and honey to the groom as a form of respect and welcome.
Kandayan – The parents of the bride give their daughter’s hand to the groom and request him to accept her as an equal partner.
Hasta Milap – The bride places her hands to the hands of the groom. They then take a vow to remain devoted to each other.
Rajaham – The bride places her hands to the hands of her groom and the bride’s brother places rice in her hands. The bride and groom offer it to the sacred fire.
Mangalya Dharane – The groom ties the Mangalsutra or the sacred necklace around the bride’s neck. This signifies the union of the groom and bride for eternity. The necklace is believed to protect them from evil.
Mangalphera – The bride and groom make rounds around the holy fire in clockwise direction. The first three rounds are led by the bride and the groom leads the last round.
Sindhoor – The groom applies vermilion which is a red colored powder on the forehead of the bride and welcomes her as his partner.
Aashirvad – The bride and groom touch the feet of their parents and seek for their blessings after the ceremony is over.

These rituals are being followed for Indian weddings in the US. This signifies their rich culture, tradition and love for ceremonies, go to this indian wedding site for more ideas and information.

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