What to Expect at Indian Wedding Venues in Dallas, TX

Indian Venue Etiquette

If this is your first time to attend an Indian wedding then this articles is the perfect guide for you. You are probably curious on what to expect in many Indian wedding venues Dallas, TX. This article will also help you to answer some commonly asked questions about Indian wedding venues Dallas.

Wedding VenueWhat should I wear when going to Indian wedding venues in Dallas, TX?

Unlike other wedding, Indian wedding ceremony is colorful and festive which means that you can wear bold colors. Brighter is better. Don’t be afraid of wearing vibrant wedding dresses because it is common to any Hindu or Indian wedding. You can also wear eye-catching jewelry. If you don’t have any traditional sari or lengha don’t worry because there are some Indian bridal stores that offer dress rental. It is ideal to wear jewel-tone dress with a shawl because it can mimic the festive look.

Is it true that Indian weddings last for several days?

Traditional Indian wedding is being celebrated for three days. During the first night, an Indian priest will perform a ganesh pooja. It is a ceremony that is usually done at home and not in Indian wedding venues in Dallas, TX. Basically, the only person that is involve in this ritual is the priest, the couple ant the relatives only.

On the second day another ritual is being performed which is the mehndi ceremony. This is the time when the bride is being tattooed with intricate design and pattern with henna mixture. The process is being done by the bride’s female friends and family members. In the evening Sangeet takes place which is a gathering of families that includes dancing, dinner and mingling. They can be done in any Indian wedding venues in Dallas, TX.

While on the third day is the final and main event. This is the most grandiose part of the three-day event. All the ceremony and rituals are being done in Indian wedding venues in Dallas, TX. This is also the part when the guests are being invited to attend the event.

What will the reception be like?

Unlike those western wedding, Indian wedding is a crazy party. It is loud, fun and enjoyable. A lot of dancing is going on in the reception area. If it’s your first time to attend an Indian wedding you may study the basic bhangra, a frenzied Punjab folk dance.

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