Frosting and Icing Recipe for Your Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX

Serve Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX for Your Guests

There are a wide array of cupcake icing and frosting recipe that you can choose from wedding directory. Usually, your choice will have to depend on the kind of look that you want as well as the theme of your wedding. Here are some of the frosting and icing recipe that you can have for your wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX.

wedding cupcakeFluffy Frosting – This is created using egg whites and is best created within the day of the wedding so that the gentle and marshmallow consistency will be perfect. 3 Brothers Bakery offer this, visit their site for sample cupcakes with fluffy frosting.

Buttercream Frosting – This is a remarkable buttery cupcake frosting that tastes delicious and can also be colored in order to achieve the look that you want. It is also wonderful for piping since it holds nicely.

Glace Frosting – This is very easy to make. All that it needs are some butter, sugar, milk and butter.

Chocolate Ganache – This is an additional option that you can have for your wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX. A ganache is a rich, easy and attractive texture that will enable a cupcake to transform into a delectable dessert.

Fondant – You can purchase fondant ahead of time and mix it with various fruits or nuts to make it more appealing.

Cream Cheese – This is perfect for any kind of cupcake recipe that you are going to make.

You can choose whatever kind of frosting or icing that you like for your wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX. You need to consider your budget as well as the number of guests who will attend your wedding reception. Make sure that everyone will have their share of the delicious cupcakes for dessert. In order to make things easier for you, you can choose to hire the services of a trusted baker to prepare and serve beautiful and delicious cupcakes for your wedding.

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