Great Tips on How to Have a Beautiful Wedding Ballroom in Long Island

From Plain to Stunning Wedding Ballroom

Surely, you would love to have a ballroom that suits your taste and will wow your guests. Even if your reception space is just a plain ballroom, there are also easy ways that you can make it as the best Long Island wedding venues.

wedding ballroomIf you want a ballroom as your wedding reception to be brought to life with undeniable glamour, lights are the best thing you can add. Crystal chandeliers, café lights or lanterns can surely add the dramatic effect that you are looking for. Fill in the empty ceiling spaces and make the atmosphere more intimate in your wedding venues in Long Island New York.

Bring the nature. Through flowers and small trees that look good even when used outdoors, you can fill in the ballroom a fresher atmosphere. Work with your wedding florist and sue vines, fragrant flowers, and greenery that can also beautify your tables.

Use the right tables. Observe the features of your chosen ballroom. If it has large windows, you can balance it out with longer tables. If it has high ceilings and a massive floor space as well, you can stretch your tables in organized rows or do a U-shape formation.

Do extensive use of fabric. Light effects will only look good if it reflects to something that can bring its potential at its best. Use light-colored fabrics that you can use as drapery for ceiling and as your wall covering. You can also lessen the empty spaces through this.
Wash the glossy floor with an ultra-romantic lighting. To make it more intimate, you can use rose-tinted lighting for the dance floor. A flattering glow on the dance floor can just complete your desired beautiful wedding ballroom in Long Island.

There are many other ways on how you can enhance the look of your chosen ballroom for your wedding. All it takes is creativity, wedding tubs, glue gun, yards or fabric, and cooperation with your designer. Also, try to check Wedding directories online for extra ideas.

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