Historical Areas in New York City for Wedding Venues

Famous Areas in New York City for Wedding Venues

Historical Areas in New York City transformed to wedding venues have sentimental value for both the owners of the place and the couple themselves. These venues are mostly chosen by couples who have interest in historical accounts, old architecture or collectors who would like to communicate their interest with their guests. The old infrastructures are romantic because they the remains of an unspoken past where ancestors have expressed glory.

Historical areas in New York City have been transformed into wedding venues because of its classic look and romantic aura. The historical places are also old venues for balls and grand celebrations which would greatly constitute to the essence of the wedding.

The Foundry is one of the best historical wedding venues restored and recreated. It is a 19th century foundry which is composed of brick walls with a luscious garden where weeds and flowers grow in harmony.

The Prince George Ballroom is also great wedding venue. It has amazing sculptured posts and painted walls. It was a former luxury hotel back in 1906 but now it is a great place for weddings. Its grand façade is incomparable.

St Bartholomew’s Church is an old romantic place which is created or built for weddings. This place is practical because except for its amazing architecture, it has a great capacity and a catering service. Situated outside the church are white durable tents that could accommodate guests as the enjoy the amazing cuisine with a group of signature dishes. This location is one of the cheap reception halls in NYC NY perfect for a budget wedding.

All of these venues are historical and since they are restored with a new purpose, solemn events like weddings are the best events to put up in these places. To make it more extra special you can also use wedding tub.

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