How to Have a Unique Rustic Wedding in Your Barnyard?

Tips in Making a Rustic Wedding Romantic

All About WeddingWant you wedding to rustically unique? Go for a fabulous rustic wedding event. This is one of the biggest trend this wedding season. Most brides prefer to have a barnyard as their wedding venue and many other items that will make it look more county-like. It will be a unqiue and fun idea if you add more magic on this kind of wedding. Here are some options that you can do on your big day:

Rustic Outdoor Reception

Just because you want a rustic, traditional wedding, this does not mean it has to be low-budget. Here is an outstanding idea for organizing a traditional, conservative outdoor reception – the best thing about it is that the barn is the centerpiece of the entire event, and you can decorate it just the way you want to!

Rustic Cupcake Display

No rustic wedding would be complete without a beautiful wedding cake. While it is true that there are countless rustic wedding recipes that you can try for the big event, you can also get a modern wedding day – the “rustic element” lies in the details! You would be amazed to see just how versatile the wooden crates are and how easily you can turn them into a traditional cupcake display.

Gorgeous Rustic Buffet

The overall wedding style must reflect itself in the menu, because in the end you cannot serve Foie Gras and other sophisticated dishes to your guests, if you truly aim for a rustic wedding! Here is a gorgeous rustic buffet idea that you can try, and the good thing about it is that it features only natural and chemical-free foods. Eco-friendly, beautiful and delicious at the same time – what else could you possibly with for?

Rustic Wedding Chair Designs

If you love those classic director’s seats that you can see in the movies, then you will definitely get to love this really inspired rustic chair sign idea! You only need two chairs and a couple of wooden boards on which you can write “Mrs.” and “Mr.”. As simple as that!

Rustic Wedding Reception

Organizing your wedding reception inside the barn can really benefit you: not only will this match the overall rustic theme of your wedding, but it will also help you save a lot of money and time on chair decorations and all that. This is truly a magnificent idea that you can add to make your wedding more amazing.

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