Indulging Buffet of Wedding Pies in Houston TX & How to Create the Display

Inviting Wedding Pie Buffet

It is not a surprise when you get to the reception and see a tall tiered wedding cake. Many brides want to make their guests say ‘Wow’ with how big and tall their wedding cake is. However, not all brides and grooms are a fan of cake. Instead, they prepare and serve their guests with sweet treats that has been passed on in their family for generations, like their grandmother’s pie.

wedding pieWhether you got your wedding pies in Houston, TX from the cake store or from your grandmother’s recipe, make sure you create an indulging display for your guests. Follow these simple steps on how to entice your guests to try your sweet treats for them.

Think of the theme of your wedding. Is it a traditional or a little informal, like rustic or country? A traditional wedding theme should have traditional fruit pies, while weddings with rustic or country theme wedding should go with custards, fruit tarts, meringues or pie pops. Many bakers from wedding directory in the US offer such pies.

Varying toppings can arouse your guests’ appetites. Guests are usually in awe when they something interesting visually. So don’t just prepare and serve simple crusted pies, but try serving pies in varying tops, like with crumble, in lattice or cut with slits.

Top the pies with fresh produce. If you will be using your grandmother’s apple pie recipe, make sure you won’t forget to top it with sliced fresh apples. Or, your ordered blueberry pies, sprinkle the top with some freshly picked mixed berries. Nothing beats fresh produce in giving the pies some color and freshness.

Raise the pies if you do not have a wedding cake. Instead of placing the pies directly on the table, use different plates or materials that will raise the pies a few inches from the table. If you are into books, layer 2, 3 or more books and place the pies. You might want to borrow some cake stands in varying heights to give the pie table a different display.

For your wedding favors, jars of wedding pies in Houston, TX have become more popular. You can display the jars of pies in the buffet table for the guests to take before leaving the reception for more special treats idea click here

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