How to Make Indian Wedding Flower Decorations in Dallas, TX

Indian Wedding Decorations

Indian flowers are considered to play a major role in Indian Wedding. There are various style, colors and types of flowers that are being used for decoration. Orchids, marigolds, roses and gerberas are essential flowers in creating beautiful Indian flower decorations. They are also the most popular Indian flowers that are being used both Hindu and Indian wedding. If you are looking for an inspiration to earthy tones decoration then Indian wedding décor in Dallas, TX perfect for you.

Wedding DecorIf you are going to decorate a traditional Indian style Asirbad or also known as blessing ceremony it is important to decorate it with flowers. Be generous because the more flowers there will be the better. Use bright red and golden jasmine for this you may also consider roses and orchids. They are also thrown all over the reception area. These flowers are use as the anchor colors.

After putting all the flowers to serve as Indian wedding décor in Dallas, TX you need to put Indian lanterns or candles to illuminate the wedding area. Indian lanterns are highly recommended to add ethnic character to the décor. You can also put baby roses around the lantern or candle to soften the visual effect for your Indian wedding decoration ideas Dallas.

When putting up a mandap it is important to use red, yellow and silver flowers to decorate this four-pole canopy. These flowers are commonly attached to the pole using small pins or tie wire. Fabrics are also welcome to add flowy texture in the mandap.

Fabrics can be incorporated with flowers and they blend very well. You can put netted drapes around the wedding venue or even in reception tables. When adding flowers such as carnation, lilies and carnation is highly recommended and to decorate the nets you can put pink baby roses.

Lastly, decorating garlands the entire venue will give a more festive look to the wedding area. Variety of flowers can be use for this type of decoration. If you are unsure you can hire Indian wedding decorator from wedding directory sites to help you with your problem.

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