Museum Wedding Venues by the Key’s in Miami, FL

Literary Wedding Destination in the Florida Keys, Miami

The Florida Keys are unquestionably romantic destination for weddings. White sand, clear turquoise water, coral reefs and water sports, there is so many things to do around and one day is not enough for all that. However, the Florid Keys are also home for literary museums ideal for literary enthusiasts. If the beach is a popular venue for many couples, the museum wedding venues by the key’s in Miami FL are also a popular destination for those who are into historical landmarks and miami ballrooms.

The Key West Art and Historical Society Museum has not only one, two but three historic properties for couples to choose from to have their wedding ceremony and reception. There is the Custom House Museum that showcases elegance with its Richardson Romanesque architecture. Unfortunately, the museum can only accommodate up to 60 guests.

For those who search for a wider space with spacious lawn and tropical setting, visit the Lighthouse & Keeper’s Quarters. Ceremony can be help at the top of the Lighthouse where you will have an overlooking view of the entire Key West Island.

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Another is the Fort East Martello Museum & Gardens, where the arched brick corridors and historic fort gives every event a magical setting. Choose from their indoor or outdoor venues, but you might want to have an outdoor reception as there are eclectic sculptures that would be your decorations as well.

On the top list of many couples who are searching for museum wedding venues by the key’s in Miami FL is the Ernest Hemingway House & Museum. Literary buffs can book their wedding at the former home of Ernest Hemingway. One of America’s famous and influential writers of the 20th century lived in the Key West throughout the 1930s.

You can have a tour of the museum, but special events and weddings are held outdoors an acre of land with breathtaking views and lush tropical gardens.

You can always check wedding directories online for more possible venues.

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