Must Have Wedding Planners’ Checklist in Austin TX

The Wedding Planner’s Guide for Weddings

Wedding planners in Austin TX have books, notes and checklists as their guide in the planning process. Without these, wedding coordinator Austin¬†won’t be able to perform their task as accurate as possible and there will be a big chance that they will forget the basic things needed in a wedding. The organized mind of a wedding planner could not facilitate all of the pressure in organizing the things for the wedding so these books and checklists will really become a big help for the whole process. Everyone might be wondering about the contents of a wedding planner’s checklist in Austin TX and so here is a detailed list of their book. You can look or search in any wedding site directories for more reference.

Check List

Create A Wedding Portfolio

This is the first on the list. Each wedding organizer prepares a personal wedding portfolio for the groom of the bride. This contains all of the details that will be done throughout the wedding. This portfolio is modified from time to time and is being updated for the changes made.

An Accurate Timeline

There should be an accurate timeline prepared in the checklist. This contains the progress that should be made from 6 months to a month before the wedding starts. This also contains the schedule, destinations and the specific date to meet appointments.

Appointments and Options

Under each heading of the timeline, there are several shops, stores and salons that will serve as options for the groom and bride. The locations and basic directories of the outsource companies are being listed.

Color Themes and Decorations

Except for the florist, the wedding organizer incorporates his or her own decorations to be added to the venue. The color themes and motifs of the wedding is placed intricately to make sure that the wedding venue becomes fully decorated.

Budget Scheme

As the wedding planner begins to finish all of the tasks each month, the budget is being updated from time to time. This is where the couple will know where they are going and how much they are estimated to spend.

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