Notable Features of Indian Wedding Cakes in Chicago, IL

Bridal Benefits of Indian Cakes

If you want to display a cake as no other on your wedding day then it is imperative that getting Indian wedding cakes in Chicago, IL is a perfect choice. As we all know, Indian designs are very intricate and elaborate, so imagine if you are going to capture it on your own wedding cake—that must be an epic centerpiece to see.

indian wedding cakesHere in Chicago, finding cake makers who are experts in these types of cakes is a rarity. But since many couples are starting to appreciate this kind of very intricate dessert, some bakeries are starting to sell them as well.

So what are the aesthetics that you can enjoy with this type of cake?

Bold colors
Unlike the traditional pastel and soft colors that Western cakes usually display, Indian cakes are more on bold colors. By displaying this cake, gold and red colors are highly notable. It simply means that the color alone of this cake is a head turner.

Intricate design
If you admire Indian furniture as very intricate, you will be amazed how they have integrated those designs on the fondant of the cake. The engraving is done with great craftsmanship; the very details are delicately patterned.

If you have tier cakes for Western wedding, Indian weddings serve tower-like cakes which twice higher than the 7 tier. The setup is pretty impressive as the multi-levels are composed of small, standard and large Indian wedding cakes  designed alternately from each other.

Indian wedding cakes in Chicago, IL have two options when availed—the traditional and modern. Whatever your style is, it will surely be catered. Call your cake maker now to discuss your preference or visit any wedding site vendors online.

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