Other Metals for Custom Wedding Jewelry

Custom Wedding Jewelry Metals

Jewelries are made from gold, silver and precious stones. However, there are still a lot of metals and stones that can be used aside from the traditional ones. One of the reasons why other brides choose to have a custom wedding jewelry is because they can choose and use the metals that they wanted to have.

????????????There are some people who are allergic to silver or gold. With this, brides can still enjoy wearing jewelries because they don’t have to worry about the allergies that may cause by the accessories that they are wearing. Custom wedding jewelry has been in existence since then. In some cultures, they use pure gold that is why they need to customize it. During ancient times, wedding jewelries are unique from each other because they are created according to the kind of bride that will wear the jewelry.

In present time, gold and silver are not the only metals that are being used. In most cases, platinum becomes so popular because of its sturdiness and affordability. Platinum is considered to be a non-allergic metal that is suitable for those brides who are having issues with gold and silver. Titanium, the silver-grayish-white color is perfectly matched for simple designed gowns. It is the hardest metal in the world. This means that the jewelry that you have will last forever. It is also scratch-resistant which is better than gold or silver. They are good for jewelry because they are lightweight too. Learn jewelry making yourself.

Palladium is a rare silver-white metal that is perfect for jewelry making. This kind of metal is suitable to be used for engagement rings and wedding rings. The price of this metal becomes more affordable than the platinum. So if you are looking for cheaper metal for you custom wedding jewelry, palladium is ideal for you.

Stainless steel is another perfect metal for jewelry. They are not often used in wedding jewelries but they have good reputation when it comes to durability.

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