Perfect Ideas That You Can Use For Your Wedding Pictures in Hotel Atlanta GA

Ideal Hotel Wedding Pictures

The picture taking is one of the reasons why weddings are fun and exciting. Not only will it provide couples and guests with stunning pictures that they can cherish for a lifetime, it can be also fun to do various poses during the picture taking, you can take a picture as well in wedding tub. Aside from the usual wedding poses, here are the perfect ideas that you can use for your wedding pictures in Hotel Atlanta, GA:

photographerPre Wedding

  • You can take pictures of the bride getting ready for her big day like putting on her make-up or arranging her hair.
  • Take a picture of the relaxed groom having coffee or tea at home.
  • The bride and her family or with her bridal entourage at the car.
  • The bride together with her father.
  • The bride stepping out of the car.


  • The groom nervously standing while waiting for his beautiful bride.
  • The teary-eyed bride walking down the aisle.
  • The couple’s first kiss as husband and wife.
  • A shot of the bride and groom with hands clasped together in order to show the rings.
  • A candid shot of the guests during the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony

  • A shot of the bride and groom exiting the venue while guests throw rice or confetti at them.
  • A candid shot of the guest’s reactions and expressions. This is usually perfect for black and white photos.
  • A picture of the bridal car.
  • A close up of the bride and groom looking into each other eyes.
  • Children’s faces. These are perfect since kids are more expressive as compared to adults.

These are the perfect ideas that you can use for your wedding pictures in Hotel Atlanta GA. When you hire Atlanta photographers wedding, make sure that you check out their portfolio so that you can be able to expect what kind of pictures you will be having.

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