Rules to Observe When Hitting the Road through a Limo Service in Atlanta, Georgia

Tips for Limo Passengers

When you are riding inside an exquisite limo, there are standard rules that you need to observe. Follow these tips and be assured that you will have a fun-filled limo ride.

Rule #1

The primary concern of all limo rental in Atlanta GA providers is the passenger’s safety. However, there are times when safety is overlooked. Limo service agencies do not allow more persons to transport than the normal seating capacity of the car.

Rule #2

Pay due respect to the limousine. Bear in mind that town car rental Miami providers are spending thousands of dollars for the maintenance of the limo. Do not scratch or scuff the seats. Just think of the car as your own. And you don’t want your car having marks, right?

Rule #3

Standard civil always apply to every passenger of the limo. These laws may include underage driving, standing with your head sticking out of the sunroof, and drug use inside the limo. The limo company has the right to terminate the ride without giving a refund.

Rule #4

Do not leave any valuable inside the limo when you plan to stay long outside. The limo company is not held responsible for any loss that may happen while you are riding the car.

Rule #5

Always give a gratuity tip of 15 to 20%. This tip should be handed to the driver inside an envelope. Most limo chauffeurs are known to be accommodating, friendly and warm that it is just reasonable to give them a small reward for their great service.

These rules not only apply when you are hiring a town car taxi Atlanta. Bear in mind that all wedding preparations such as the choice of the gown, wedding tubs and the caterers there are rules that you must follow. You can also observe these rules when riding other rented cars. Remember that these rules are not only beneficial to you, but to all others who are sharing a ride with you.

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