How to Select a Great Package of a Wedding Photography in San Francisco, CA

Great Wedding Photography Package

Today, there are hundreds of wedding photographers who offer all kinds of photo packages for a marvelous wedding photography in San Francisco, CA. Some photographers charge a few hundred dollar for a simple wedding photography package while other can charge a few thousand dollars for more sophisticated packages. Some of this photographers can be found in Wedding directories.

How do you select the best deal and packages then?

If you want to have the best package, check if what a photographer offers has this basic minimum of services.

First, he or she must have an online or digital negatives of his or her albums. Good photographer always offer an unlimited number of their shots to make sure that their clients know their style and their capabilities.

Second, agreeable photographers offer not only one package but a wide selection of wedding photography bundles. Most photographers start from a minimum of 4 hours to a complete full-day coverage. You should be able to choose a combination of services that fit your budget and your preference.

Third, you must have the printing rights to all your wedding photos. Whatever wedding photography package you choose, you should have the right and the freedom to choose which pictures you want to print and which you won’t want to be part of your album.

Fourth, an impressive packages of wedding photography in San Francisco, CA include pre-wedding photo session like the couple getting ready for the wedding or an engagement photo session. It should also include an album of either the pre-wedding or the engagement photo session of the bride and the groom.

Lastly, great wedding photography packages may also come with fancy extras like coffee table books, hybrid albums, magazine style wedding album, blocks and canvases. A DVD slideshow of your wedding photos with music is also something that most people would want to have as part of their packages.

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