Three Different Bachata Styles to Choose from When Enrolled in Houston, TX for Wedding Dance Lessons

Bachata Styles for Wedding Dance

Bachata is not as common as tango, waltz, swing and salsa that are danced in weddings. It is still a popular dance, especially in the Dominican Republic, where it originated. Visit the Caribbean and you will find couples young and old that are dancing to the beat of Bachata guitar music. The dance is tied by some people to sensuality and romance, which is not the original intention of the dance. Although it is believed that the more frequent use of the hips and the lower body can mean you have more feelings for the other person.

If you have watched people dancing Bachata, you can say it is not that complicated. The main ingredient to successfully dance Bachata is to be connected not only physically but also emotionally. So if you are considering dancing Bachata as your first wedding dance, it should be made with emotion and passion. When you enroll for wedding Bachata dance lessons in Houston, TX, physical intensity is not enough. If you both want physical and emotional connection for your wedding dance, this is a good choice.

Bachata has developed over the years and so there are many styles now. What Bachata dance style do you want to dance for your wedding? Can you decide yet? It is not that difficult to distinguish a traditional Bachata dance from modern adaptations. The music has changed, the dance routines are faster, but the signature lower body movements are still there.

The newer version of the original Bachata is called Modern Bachata. This was adapted by younger generation of Bachata dancers. The dance moves are described as free style, but usually with complicated footwork, like lock and slide steps.

The second style is Bachata tango. It’s still Bachata dance but incorporated with Tango dance style. Bachata dance moves are simple and easy to learn, but whoever thought of innovating this dance style must have gotten bored and made something interesting. Since tango is known for kicks, turns and dips, you can expect to have that in Bachata Tango style too. It is fun and you will really enjoy being dipped or kicking your legs as you dance together.

Lastly, Rueda de Bachata is different from the other two styles mentioned above. Instead of dancing as a couple, a group of couples have to dance simple Bachata but in circles. There is a leader in the group, and the leader calls out a move that will be executed by the group together. The twist is to change partner as often as a new move is called out.

You can learn all these styles from enrolling in wedding Bachata dance lessons in Houston, TX. Ask more about the dance styles and see which do you think is comfortable and easier for both of you.

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