Should you have a Down Town Wedding Photography in NYC

Down Town Wedding Photoshoot

There are always pros and cons in every situation, just like in planning your wedding photography. From the engagement photo session to the after wedding photo shoots, there are advantages and disadvantages you need to understand especially if you are considering of down town wedding photography in NYC.

The Pros
If you are born and raised in New York, you probably know a lot about the downtown area. From the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to the Empire State Building, you can definitely take pictures from there. The down town area of NYC offers a free backdrop for your wedding photo shoot. With some nice architectural shots and other cool backgrounds that show off the down town NY at its finest, you will definitely have unique sets of engagement or after wedding photo shoots by good NYC photographers.


The Highline Park is another triumph that offers a beautiful view of the city and different perspective to view the NYC. The great thing about having your photo shoot down town is it’s free. From the plants, trees, the number of crowd, awesome street art and murals, there is no need to pay extra charge just to capture the beauty of the downtown NYC.

The Cons
The most obvious consequence in having a down town wedding photography in NYC is risking your privacy. Many couples would like to have a private and intimate wedding photo shoot moment by wedding photographers in NYC, but it cannot be achieved if you are going to do it in downtown.

Downtown wedding photography gets you close to the urban feel, but also gets you close to prowling crowd. Many individuals would pass here and there and in some cases, they ‘photobomb’ your engagement or wedding pictures.

If you choose to do the photo shoot in downtown NYC, make sure you settle on one or two locations that can be accessed easily. The streets can be packed with cars during busy hours. You would not want to be stuck in traffic just to get to your ideal down town area for the wedding photography, or you can also do the shoot in a wedding tub.

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