Trending All-Season Ideas for an Indian Wedding Catering in Dallas, Texas

Catering Ideas for an Indian Catering All Year Round

Weddings are one of the most happiest and special events in one’s life. The bride and groom make sure that every detail of their wedding is carefully planned and well attended to. One of the things that couples have to choose is their wedding theme.

wedding cateringOne of the trending wedding themes that are followed today is Indian or Asian wedding ceremony and reception. So if you’re also planning to use this theme, consider hiring Indian wedding catering in Dallas, Texas for your reception.

Here are ideas on how to set up a terrific Asian or Indian-themed catering for your wedding reception that are commonly seen in many wedding directory.

Tented Reception

Today, more and more couples are choosing an outdoor location both for their wedding ceremony and reception. Whether it’s in a manor house, a lawn or garden, you can set up an Indian reception for your guests. The best thing about having an outdoor reception is that you can maximize the space and cut down several expenses.

Wedding Catering for all Seasons

Whether you’re getting married in a winter, spring, summer or fall, you’ll always have great options for Dallas Indian catering.


When you’ve decided to tie the knot in a winter, you have great chances to have a more romantic setting. Include Indian hot soups, salads, and cold cuts for appetizers. Then you can prepare roast pork or meat for the entree.


Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are perfect for a spring Indian wedding catering in Dallas, Texas. When it comes to the main menu, choose chicken or lamb as your main course.


Summer weddings are quite popular for couples. Serve your guests with several types of barbeque, chicken, pork chops, and the like. Fresh and exotic fruits are also great during a summer.


Match your menu with the transforming colors of fall. Ham, chicken and turkey are perfect for the entree. For the desserts, please your guests’ palate with pumpkin or apple pie.

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