Wedding Seating Chart Guide for Brides and Grooms Who Really Need One

Seating Chart Guide for Weddings

At a wedding, there is one table positioned at the center of the reception venue. In that table, you will find the bride and the groom. Beside that table, do you know who must be seated? There is a traditional seating chart in a wedding that many couples still do observed. On the other hand, there are still people who are confused who will be seated beside them, where will the kids be seated and so on.

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If you are a couple who are anxious about having a seating arrangement in your wedding venue, here is a guide you should consider following. First, consider the layout or arrangement you want at the reception. You can go directly to the seating arrangement without deciding what will be the setup of the tables and chairs. So decide if it will be a banquet style, U-shape or L-shape table or a cocktail reception.

You can then proceed with assigning your guests to a certain table and chair. But first, the bridal table should have a focal point and is set apart from the other tables with decorations like flowers and more. Traditionally, if you prefer this, the bride sits on her right and the groom on her left. Beside the groom is where the maid of honor should be seated and the best man is beside the bride.

It is also a tradition that the parents of the bride and groom sits opposite each other on a separate table, which is also sometimes referred to as the family table. In this table, you can assign your grandparents to sit together with the wedding minister or officiant.

In other cases, the parents of the bride and groom host a separate table consisting their relatives and close friends. For those with divorced or separated parents, this is a good idea as to prevent discomfort among your parents or awkwardness in the situation.

For the rest of the wedding guests, it is suggested to mix and match the people to assign in each table. Never leave on of the gang out, like for instance you assigned a high school friend to sit with your college friends. How would you feel if you are in such situation? Be sure to consider their comfort when they are seated in a table with people who are new to them.

If you have friends with kids, it is best to have a separate table for them. However, if there are only two or three kids around, it is best to have them seated with their parents. Make sure you get a wedding seating chart ready before the wedding day so as to prevent confusion among your guests on where they must be seated.

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